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Regardless of whether you’ve never worn his garments, you likely know his name. Not exclusively does mold originator Alexander Wang dress the world’s top models, his name is coolly dropped in rap melodies, and VIPs like the Kardashians and Rihanna have helped make his image some portion of popular culture.

And keeping in mind that delegates of his name declined to share financials, they noticed that yearly even if you’ve never worn his clothes, you probably know his name. Not only does fashion designer Alexander Wang dress the world’s top models, but his name is also casually dropped in rap songs, and celebrities like the Kardashians and Rihanna have helped make his brand part of pop culture.

And while representatives of his label declined to share financials, they noted that annual revenue exceeds the previously reported number of $150 million for 2016.

But fashion is, of course, a fickle industry, and Wang’s success over the past 15 years doesn’t guarantee the longevity of his brand. This is why his sights are now set on turning his label into the next iconic American designer brand, on par with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. To do that, he’s breaking industry rules and using the consumer as his guide, rather than the expectations of his peers.

“I don’t want to say that I want to bite the hand that feeds me, because I grew up in this industry and it was very supportive,” Wang said in an episode of Business Insider’s podcast “This Is Success.”The fashion industry has several gatekeepers of taste, including established media like Vogue and high-end retailers. Though Wang has benefited from strong relationships with these power players, he says the time has come to shift focus. income surpasses the recently revealed number of $150 million for 2016

. In any case, the design is, obviously, a whimsical industry, and Wang’s prosperity in the course of recent years doesn’t ensure the life span of his image. This is the reason his sights are presently determined to transform his name into the following notorious American fashioner brand, keeping pace with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. To do that, he’s defying industry guidelines and utilizing the customer as his guide, as opposed to the desires for his companions.

“I would prefer not to say that I need to betray the one who provides everything for me since I experienced childhood in this industry and it was strong,” Wang said in a scene of Business Insider’s digital broadcast “This Is Success.” The style business has a few guardians of taste, including built-up media like Vogue and top of the line retailers. In spite of the fact that Wang has profited by solid associations with these power players, he says the opportunity has arrived to move the center.

A great deal of the associations (and the editors and the purchasers, obviously) are essential to our business,” he said. “In any case, no doubt, toward the day’s end, I think for the good of everyone, the shopper is shopping at those stores, who are perusing those magazines. They’re the most significant.”

He’s mocked the desires for those in the design world in two essential ways: Skipping New York Fashion Week and holding style indicates where nobody else has previously. This hasn’t constantly gone easily, yet he’s chosen that gambling a few missteps is justified, despite all the trouble for the long run.

New York Fashion Week goes back to 1943 and is one of four focal occasions for the business held the world over (the other Fashion Weeks are in Paris, Milan, and London). It’s a semiannual occasion every February for fall-winter accumulations, and in September for spring-summer accumulations. Most top American originators will go to New York Fashion Week to coordinate with individual architects and the business media amassed, however, Wang chose in January 2018 that he could stand to do his own thing.

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